Black & Gold Pie; a review

When I was groing up cheap store-bought pies were a staple food, and I thank them for my survival. I believe that all pies have value. Except for perhaps Four n` Twenty pies, which suck and are too expensive. I recently ate a Black & Gold pie, which arived to my house with five of … Continue reading

Damn Good Pie @ the Flute Bakery, Fyshwick ACT

While visiting Canberra to see my brother win a short play festival my girlfriend was advised to go to the Flute Bakery in Fyshwick, because apparently they stock delicious sweets. I’m not into sweets. I prefer meat. I bought a chicken sandwich and she bought a red wine and beef pie. I tried eating my … Continue reading

Pies are Good for You

I decided to create a blog about Australian pies. There was no great reason for why I decided to write a blog about pies. But now, as I sit here writing my first blog I think I should at least try to justify my decision to make a blog about pies. Reason 1. I have … Continue reading