Black & Gold Pie; a review

When I was groing up cheap store-bought pies were a staple food, and I thank them for my survival. I believe that all pies have value. Except for perhaps Four n` Twenty pies, which suck and are too expensive. I recently ate a Black & Gold pie, which arived to my house with five of its siblings. The first thing you notice about a Black & Gold pie is that it is unusually thin. However, I chose to reserve judgment and soldiered on. I cooked my pie in the microwave, which is my prefered method of cooking when I am very hungry and cannot be bothered waiting for the oven. The pie was squidgy when it came out of the microwave, but it hadn’t twisted its shape and sagged like many other cheap pies. I cut it down the middle and had a peak. The meat to pastry ratio was quite average; although the pastry was thin, so it probably evened out the ratio. Here I have included my judgment of the Black and Gold pie.

Cost: less than $4 per 6-pack.

Pastry: thin, buttery and sweet (an adjective I never thought I’d use to describe a meat pie’s pastry).

Meat: Very nice. I don’t know what it is about Black & Gold pies but the meat has a unique taste.The meat is pebbly and soft, and the gravy is rich and thick. The meat to gravy ratio is spot on.

Size: small.

Overal Satisfaction: happy.

Grading: C+

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