Balfours Chicken & Vegetable Pie

The chicken & vegetable pie is a fickle brother of the beef version, and the path to discovering a decent one is difficult. I believe that the chicken & vegetable pie is still in its developmental stages and will continue to improve with careful consideration and skill. Unfortunately the Balfours chicken & vegetable pie (a member of Balfours` assorted savouries range) is among the failed attempts at chicken-filled pastry. The Balfours chicken & vegetable pie is a pancake pie (so thin it could fit in the letter box) and takes on a distasteful floppy shape when cooked.

Pastry – extrememly generic. Although it is square shaped (when still frozen), which is fun.

Meat – a lazy concoction of creamed corn and …. well nothing. If there was chicken in this pie it was of the invisible type.

Size – it is a pancake pie

Overal Satisfaction – unhappy. This pie is barely worth the honour of being called a pie. It is saved by its square shape.

Grading: F

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