Zen Bakery, Geelong: Pie Review

Zen Bakery is a little bakery on High Street, Geelong.

I used to frequent this cafe, and, after having not visited it in quite some time I decided it was time to pass judgment on a Zen Bakery pie.

I bought a plain piZen Bakery plain piee and hoped that it was anything but plain.

The pastry-shell looked unnaturally white and smooth, and its lid was minimally raised with a sparkle of pepper jittered across in a traditional pie-line. I wished for its sake that it would deliver on taste.

I was simply not all too impressed by the predictable loose pebbles of meat which fell onto my plate. Nothing interesting, nothing new. ‘Safe’ is the perfect adjective for this pie.

Pastry: a bit biscuity, to be honest.

Meat: if you really like boring, predictable meat-gravy, `av a go at this one.

Size: quite big actually, by today’s urban standards.

Overal satisfaction: bored.

Rating: 6.5/10

Grading: C+



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