BEEFY’S Gympy – Award Winning Signature Steak Pie: A Review

If you live in Queensland, or have happened to talk about pies to the locals you may have heard the word ‘BEEFY’S‘ before. If not, you have now.

This yearBEEFY'S BEEFY’S (the font needs to be as bold as the pies) Pies won three gold awards, for best meat pie (BEEFY’S Signature Steak Pie), best gourmet pie (Angus Steak with Sautéed Onions & Buttered Mushrooms Pie), and best sausage roll.  And, to really annoy the competitors, also won the silver award in the gourmet pie category (Red Curry Lamb). This adds to their current 25 state and national gold awards since 2000 (yes, I’m serious) and a list of other awards that would run off the page. (Source:

So today I bought their famous (extremely famous, it has won gold in almost every competition for the last ten years) ‘Signature Steak Pie‘. And here is my review of this bad boy. —20121229_133404

Pastry: delicious and soft, buttery but not too greasy. Its lid pretty much sits on the top, which reminds me of the old, traditional miner’s pies. It is the perfect thickness for many pie enthusiasts (I personally prefer thicker pastry) and bulges a little because of the monstrous amount of meat they pack inside it, which leads me to…

Meat: you really have to sit back and enjoy this one; this pie truly thumps hunger on the head. Enormous chunks of Angus beef (not that I really care what type of cow is stuffed inside it) in a light gravy. I think I would have preferred the pepper steak version of this beast, because there is a slight lack of punch to the flavour (keeping in mind I am very particular).


20121229_133737Overall Satisfaction: I certainly wasn’t still hungry after I chowed down on this pie, and I am quite impressed by how much filling they could fit within its pastry perimeters without it spilling out all over my shorts when I took a bite. The flavour is rich and flavorsome,  but not what I would call ground-breaking (I will get to those special pies in later posts). I think the Signature Steak Pie from BEEFY’S sets the benchmark for what a good pie should be.

Cost to Satisfaction Ratio: at $5.10 AUD this pie deserves the high price.

Rating: 8 out of 10.

Grading: A

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