A Call Out to Other Pie Enthusiasts

Some may have noticed that I really believe in shedding light on the meat pie industry. If you think that you have what it takes to shed some wisdom on a particular pie, I would love for you to become a part of the pie review archives. I am happily considering reviews from other bloggers, … Continue reading

Coles Chunky Beef Pie: a Review

Black & Gold, Balfours and Woolworths are the three branded budget pies I have since reviewed. It is now Coles’ turn to be judged. As part of my birthday gifts I received a four pack of Coles brand Chunky Beef Pies (how did they know?).  I microwaved this pastry treat, and I understand that oven-cooked is usually … Continue reading

Rating System

Here is how the revised rating system and grading works. Rating: 11 out of 10 Grading: Special Pie (pies of phenomenal flavour, overall quality, value and satisfaction) Rating: 10 out of 10 Grading: A++ (pies of exceptional flavour and value for money) Rating: 9 out of 10 Grading: A+ (pies of excellent flavour and value … Continue reading

BIG DAD’S PIES: Peppered Steak and Vegetable Pie Review

BIG DAD’S PIES – Margate While I have been visiting in Queensland I have made it my mission to review two of the most well-known pie shops in the festival state. BEEFY’S (award winning bakery) was first, and now it is time for BIG DAD’S Pies to meet my judgment. So, I waltzed on down … Continue reading

Check Out These Bad Boys

Here are my new cheap-as-pie leaving cards that I will be dropping off at the places I review.

Woolworths Homebrand Pies: A Disaster

So here I am reviewing another brand of budget pies. Balfours and Black & Gold have had their turn, so now I turn to Woolworths to see how well they hold up in the pastry department. This particular 6pack of meat-garbage can be found at the bottom of the freezer in the chilled aisle at … Continue reading