BIG DAD’S PIES: Peppered Steak and Vegetable Pie Review

BIG DAD’S PIES – Margate

20130107_135136While I have be20130107_135420en visiting in Queensland I have made it my mission to review two of the most well-known pie shops in the festival state. BEEFY’S (award winning bakery) was first, and now it is time for BIG DAD’S Pies to meet my judgment. So, I waltzed on down to BIG DAD’S in Margate and bought myself a peppered steak and vegetable pie. I had bought a plain meat pie from there a week before and was not really impressed (bland flavour and too much oil), so I thought I would give them a second chance (a rare opportunity).

Pastry: this pie sports an odd duality of pastry-flesh: thick flaky pastry on top and thick, soft and buttery pastry on the bottom. The size of the pie is a little deceiving, due to its lid being a third wider than its bottom. It is also a tray pie (metal cup in which the pie sits in) which usually means the pie will fall to bits the moment you lift it out of its tin blanket; however, this pie stayed together, which made me happy.

Meat: usually when one orders a steak and vegetable pie one expects meat and vegetables (plural). I noticed that the only vegetable in sight was peas; however there may have been small bits of potato tucked away inside the thick savoury gravy (I couldn’t tell). The meat itself was minced into mid-sized chunks (not pebbly like the budget pies and not thick-cut like the chunky pies), and had been sizzled in oil and soft-flavoured herbs which I could not distinguish (perhaps a touch of thyme?). Overall, the meat was quite tasty.

Size: deceiving — large but not enormous. The right size for a pie.20130107_13541420130107_135607

Overall Satisfaction: happy, however I feel as though there is some room for improvement: perhaps a stronger touch of pepper for some bite, and a broader selection of vegetables (carrot and potato).

Cost to Satisfaction Ratio: here is the kicker: this pie cost $5.10, which is very expensive for a mid-range pie; furthermore, the sauce and other condiments were priced at 40 cents each, which is atrocious. I have always got a little angry when I get charged for sauce, especially at this price for a tiny sachet of the salty red stuff, because it shows that customer service (in a sense, giving back to the customer) has died in the arse in Australia, where the cost of living has become almost unbearable. Other places in the world do not charge for sauce.

Put a bottle of a sauce out for people to use, it is the Aussie way.

Rating: B+

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