Coles Chunky Beef Pie: a Review

Coles Chunky Beef Pie

Black & Gold, Balfours and Woolworths are the three branded budget pies I have since reviewed. It is now Coles’ turn to be judged. As part of my birthday gifts I received a four pack of Coles brand Chunky Beef Pies (how did they know?).  I microwaved this pastry treat, and I understand that oven-cooked is usually better — however, I have a microwave, and this is what it was made for.

Cost: $4 per 4-pack ($1 per pie).

Pastry: really nice actually. It was quite different from other pies I have tried, in the sense that it appeared and tasted both like buttery pastry and flaky pastry.

Meat: when you buy a budget chunky pie you usually assume that the chunks will not be as chunky as a bakery bought chunky pie. If you assume this you are on the right path to pie wisdom. This pie’s chunks are moderately sized. The meat/gravy tastes like  a cheap can of braised beef, with a little less salt. There was loads of meat.

Overall I was pleased with the meat.

Overall Satisfaction:  I was pleasantly surprised by this pie, because it had lots of filling, and what I would call home-style pastry. I was humbly satisfied.

Captured from a distance ...

Captured from a distance …

Cost to Satisfaction Ratio:
 Coles brand Chunky Beef Pies are a much better attempt at factory pastry-making than Woolworths’ efforts. However, these pies are a little more expensive so I will have to review the standard range of Coles brand pies, just to be fair. Excellent value for money.

Grading: B

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