Not Pie

So this is what not eating a pie can look like. 0 out of 10. Advertisements

Scott’s Pies

I bought a 6 pack of Scott’s Pies from Safeway. I do not usually buy food from Safeway, so I thought this would be an opportunity to stray from my usual purchase of Cole’s chunky pies and review another type of bottom-shelf pie. I have eaten a lot of pies lately, so I may need … Continue reading

Day 3 In The Otways | Colac | Brandon Bakery

Day 3 of my trip in the Otway rain forest, and I decided to try this little bakery called Brandon Bakery in Colac on the way home. I assume this bakery is Colac’s cheap bakery. That is to say that every town has one, and is usually owned and run by Asians who haven’t yet caught onto the … Continue reading

Day 2 In The Otways | Lavers Hill | Yatzies Cafe [IN HD]

Day 2 of my trip in the Otway rain forest, my friends and I pull into a roadside cafe in Lavers Hill called Yatzies. I will skip the usual introductory nonsense and state two points that need mentioning about this cafe. First of all, the pies are expensive ($6), and they, wait … wait for … Continue reading

Day 1 In The Otways | Lorne Bakery

This little bakery is on the right side of the road as you come into the touristy town of Lorne, heading away from Anglesea. This little bakery was the first of three bakeries I visited on my three-day trip in the Otway rain forest. One of their apprentices won a reward recently (it said so on … Continue reading

7-Eleven Munch ‘Peppered Steak Pie’: Roadside Review

Girls from 7-11 stay up all night 24 hours a day – Mindless Self Indulgence 7-Eleven has captured and Americanised the roadside cafe/service station vibe, with its ever increasing range of needless drive by snacks. Here I am talking about its range of donuts, cookies, sandwiches, Slurpees, snack bars, milk, car parts, magazines, CDs, hot dogs  … Continue reading

Snowy River Pie: Judgment Day

So I went to IGA and scoped out their budget pie range. Seeing as how I am currently unemployed and spend my days writing about pies and other important things my eyes were averted away from the top-shelf range, knowing that my wallet would fall into an existential crisis once finding itself empty and devoid … Continue reading