Snowy River Pie: Judgment Day

20130207_164530So I went to IGA and scoped out their budget pie range. Seeing as how I am currently unemployed and spend my days writing about pies and other important things my eyes were averted away from the top-shelf range, knowing that my wallet would fall into an existential crisis once finding itself empty and devoid of any current meaning. Philosophy aside, I bought a Snowy River 6 pack of frozen pies and decided to pop one of these disappointingly small meat-disks in the oven back at home base. I was immediately unimpressed with their small stature, and weak-looking pastry flesh. I tried one and hated it. So I tried another, because I am dedicated and fair.

So here is the run down on the Snow River pie.


Cost: $5.50 per 6-pack (about 92 cents a pie)

Pastry: as white as a baby’s bald head. Not buttery, or biscuity; just bland. It is hard to describe the taste of something absolutely tasteless.

Meat: if you like the texture of canned baby food you may enjoy the grey meat-mass that sits inside its unappealing pastry shell. To look at the meat reminds one of sewage; there is no discernible meat-bits, just thick mush. Truly unworthy garbage.

Overall Satisfaction: to take an optimistic view I would conclude that the inventors of this pie are praiseworthy for managing to create a pastry dish that manages to look and feel like a regular pie, but surprisingly lacks any of the fundamental assets of pie, such as taste.

Cost to Satisfaction Ratio: at around $5.50 a pack, each pie is costing the consumer less than one dollar. However, since this pie is lacking (in every sense of the word), I would say that the cost to satisfaction ratio is very low. For cheaper options that are much better tasting I would suggest either: Black and Gold‘s budget pie variety, or Coles‘ chunky pie range ($4 a pack).

Grading: F

3 Responses to “Snowy River Pie: Judgment Day”
  1. Aileen Lowe says:

    I normally like your pies but the last few times I’ve had them the taste has gone down hill, actually there’s no taste they are bland, dry and floury.

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