7-Eleven Munch ‘Peppered Steak Pie’: Roadside Review

Girls from 7-11 stay up all night
24 hours a day – Mindless Self Indulgence

20130211_1206267-Eleven has captured and Americanised the roadside cafe/service station vibe, with its ever increasing range of needless drive by snacks. Here I am talking about its range of donuts, cookies, sandwiches, Slurpees, snack bars, milk, car parts, magazines, CDs, hot dogs  condoms, ice, toiletries, hoses, bottles of gas and miles of energy drinks. I came to try the pie, the Munch Peppered Steak pie, which I had only seen at 7-Elevenses. Next to it, in the pie-warmer, sat an ugly specimen called Four`n Twenty. I decided I wasn’t ready for that adventure and plucked out a Munch. Here is the run down of the Munch Peppered Steak pie, endemic to 7-Eleven.

Pastry: ordinary but not overtly boring. Quite buttery and fell apart nicely.

Meat: the gravy had an interesting orange tinge to it, as if there was some type of tomato base/paste in the gravy (but really, who knows?). The meat was quite the norm for a service station pie. If pies had genres, Service Station Pie would be one of them. Slight spice with the pepper, but a little too mild for my taste buds. The meat had a more ‘normal’ texture to it, unlike the store bought cheapies I have reviewed lately. It was thick, without being meat-paste, and filling.

20130211_120647 Overall Satisfaction: I should have mentioned before that they advertise this pie as ‘King size’; which is confusing because I was never informed at school what King meant in measurement terminology, nor what size Kings prefer their meat pies. Seeing as how Australia has never had a King, I assume Munch have outsourced their information on foreign Kings throughout time, by perhaps reading their diaries or interviewing their bakers. Then, without hesitation I assume they correlated this data and calculated a mean ‘pies size preference’ estimation, and went with that. For that effort alone, I say thank you. This pie is big, but not massive (ogre sized), and has a nice taste. Not exciting, but nice. Nice is nice, and this pie is nice. My overall satisfaction with this pie is: it’s pretty alright.

Cost to Satisfaction Ratio: at $4.80 a pie, this pie costs what one would expect from any overcharging service station; i.e., all of them. The pie is rather sizable and has a nice bit of bite to it. It is surely filling, so I would say that the cost to satisfaction ratio is moderate.

Rating: 6 out of 10

Grading: C


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