Day 1 In The Otways | Lorne Bakery

This little bakery is on the right side of the road as you come into the touristy town of Lorne, heading away from Anglesea. This little bakery was the first of three bakeries I visited on my three-day trip in the Otway rain forest. One of their apprentices won a reward recently (it said so on the window) so I thought I should check out their pastrywork. I picked out a plain meat pie to test their version of this fundamental treasure. I will keep this one short.


Pastry: like a buttermilk biscuit. Soft yet weighty outer shell, with a puff pastry lid.

Meat: mild-tasting meat pebbles in a rich oil gravy (I think there may have been a little onion in it as well). Quite delicious.

Overall Satisfaction: high. However, it isn’t a big pie and I was left feeling a little snackish after eating it.

Cost to Satisfaction Ratio: at$5.00 the plain meat pie is the cheapest of this bakery’s range of pies, many of which are priced at $6.50. I believe that a high price requires high quality, and the higher the cost the higher the standards I judge by. $5.00 is very expensive for a plain pie by my standards; however, I assume this bakery may have good reason for the high price, considering the high cost of real-estate in Lorne, the tourist capital of the Great Ocean Road. Still, I judge all pies equally, and because of the high price the cost to satisfaction ratio is moderate.

Grading: C


My girlfriend tried a burgundy pie from this bakery, and from a sneaky taste of it I was convinced that it was the best burgundy pie I have ever tasted. Deliciously rich-tasting merlot gravy and thick chunks of Angus beef. If I have another chance to visit this bakery I will review this pie. Try this one next time you visit Lorne.

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