Scott’s Pies

20130223_203108I bought a 6 pack of Scott’s Pies from Safeway. I do not usually buy food from Safeway, so I thought this would be an opportunity to stray from my usual purchase of Cole’s chunky pies and review another type of bottom-shelf pie. I have eaten a lot of pies lately, so I may need to take a few days off after this one (we’ll see). I will also be omitting the Cost to Satisfaction Ratio and Rating criteria (keeping the Grading criterion) to try out a more concise format.

Cost: $5.50 – $6.80 per 6-pack.

Pastry: processed baby-white pastry capsule. Firm and buttery on the outside and soft and slippery on the inside. Generic pie pastry.

Meat: nothing earth-shaking or mind-altering here. Pebble meat like the kind you find in all generic-looking cheap pies. However the meat inside this pastry-bubble is a little bit unique. It is not meat-mash or slimy brick-meat, it is actually quite honest in its appearances. This is mince in a mild-tasting light gravy.


Overall Satisfaction: to be fair I microwaved this pie (forgive me, oh Lord of Pie), and I always take the cooking of the pie into account. Oven is best. This pie is a little better than most of the other cheap pies I have reviewed, although a pack goes for about $6.50 which is not as cost effective as some others. The size of the pie is a little fatter than a pancake pie, and not overly filling. However, this pie is quite nice. Nothing special, but nice.

Grading: D (see how the rating works, here)

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