Coles Smart Buy Meat Pie: Smackdown

Welcome back. In our last installments of piesaregoodforyou we have gone on a journey through the Otway rain forest, sampled the local bakeries, and then traveled to Horsham and Echuca for other pie-related investigations.  For now I’ll take the opportunity to review one of the last pies in a range of supermarket-chain budget pies. To keep these … Continue reading

CONTRIBUTOR REVIEW: Waacks Bakery, Horsham

The following review was submitted by Dean French, the other half of the band I am in and a dedicated pie enthusiast. Welcome aboard, bro. While in Horsham for a work trip, I decided to visit Waacks Bakery (Firebrace St) for a little pie-based enjoyment for lunch. It is a quaint little bakery in the … Continue reading


I welcome piesaregoodforyou‘s first contributor review, written by Boof; a fellow pie enthusiast. Located smack in the middle of Hare Street, Echuca Piehouse describe themselves as “a fresh new concept delivering on its promise of Australias (sic) best pies.” Approaching the counter of this tiny establishment one is presented with a list of awards and … Continue reading

Grading System

Simply see what grading a pie has (e.g. B or F) and match it with the description here to gain a better understanding of what each grading signifies. Some grades (like C+ for instance) will be in the grey zone between descriptions. See here to understand the grading a little better.

Sargents Aussie Angus Beef & Onion Pie

Sargents pies is an iconic Australian brand of factory-produced meat pies, which grew from a small bakery that opened in Sydney 1893. History folks, it’s important. My father, who believes in his son’s mission bought me a four pack of Sargents Aussie Angus Beef & Onion Pies, to help the cause and to show his support. The … Continue reading