Sargents Aussie Angus Beef & Onion Pie

20130311_145456Sargents pies is an iconic Australian brand of factory-produced meat pies, which grew from a small bakery that opened in Sydney 1893. History folks, it’s important. My father, who believes in his son’s mission bought me a four pack of Sargents Aussie Angus Beef & Onion Pies, to help the cause and to show his support. The Angus beef trend, I believe, is a fad, and will die down once we discover some other expensive – and soon-franchised – meat to eat.  These pies follow on from this fad and belong to the middle-range bracket of Sargents’ range of pies, above the traditional pies and beneath the Extra Special pies; which surprisingly includes a Wagyu beef variety. I microwaved one of these pastry treats and let it sit for three minutes. Helpful tip for lazy people: doing what I just said enables the pastry to become firmer and crispier and gives time for the meat to cook evenly. This gives the illusion of an oven-cooked pie; however, the right way to eat a pie requires a little more effort and a proper oven. Seeing as how this introduction has been rather informative it might be important (or … not) to note the calorie content of this pie: 468 (about that of a Big Mac).

Cost: $8 per 4-pack.

Pastry: very thick and buttery, and noticeably powdery on the inside. Quite like a softer shortbread consistency, with a similar mild sweetness. Has the Sargents stamp on its lid, which is a nice addition if not overly commercial. 20130311_145853

Meat: the onion flavor is strong but not too loud or overly rich-tasting. The gravy has a thick pate` consistency and wobbles when you touch it (however, if it had been cooked in a proper oven I think the gravy would have softened some more). There is a hint of pepper in the meat, which gives it some spice. There is rarely enough pepper in pies, I’ve learned this. The meat itself is slightly larger pebble-meat like the kind you find in budget-range pies, but is richer tasting which might be attributed to the Angus beef.

Overall Satisfaction: this pie has a really old-school look to it and is very neat-looking, as if it was inspired by British smuggery. All in all it is a nice tasting pie. Nothing extravagant about this one, but not entirely boring either. The decent but not overpowering addition of onion to the meat and gravy really lifted what would otherwise be a rather boring pie specimen.

Grading: C+


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