CONTRIBUTOR REVIEW: Waacks Bakery, Horsham

The following review was submitted by Dean French, the other half of the band I am in and a dedicated pie enthusiast. Welcome aboard, bro.

While in Horsham for a work trip, I decided to visit Waacks Bakery (Firebrace St) for a little pie-based enjoyment for lunch. It is a quaint little bakery in the middle of town, every time I have been past it there always seems to be a respectable number of patrons. There is a large sign displayed on the side of the shop that states they were the silver medalist in some sort of pie competition from 2007. Keeping in mind this award was from 6 years ago, I went in with a clear mind and tried one of their Steak and Mushroom pies, one of my personal favourites and usually a safe choice.IMG_0085[1]

Size: Fairly standard, definitely nothing special. For the price I definitely wouldn’t want it any smaller.

Pastry: The first thing I noticed when I looked at this steak and mushroom pie was that the pastry was a little burnt, which was a shame. Unfortunately you could taste the burnt pastry around the edges of the lid which definitely took a little away from the experience. The pastry was quite thin and crispy. Now, I don’t mind a nice crispy pastry but there needs to be a level of thickness to allow the pastry to get a bit softer towards the center and unfortunately this was not the case. The pastry seemed very dry and didn’t have much of a taste of it’s own. The lid was also quite separated from the base right from the beginning, and the pastry fell apart quite easily. Sub-par.IMG_0087[1]

Meat: I’m a big mushroom fan, so was pleased to see large slices of real mushroom, and quite a lot of them. The mushrooms were tasty, cooked perfectly so they were nice and soft without falling apart. Very nice. This is where things really began to get a little bleak. The ‘steak’ was ground up smaller than the standard pebbly meat mixture you would see in most pies bought from a supermarket, so much that it pretty much blended in with the gravy. There was no huge kick of taste, and I honestly don’t feel I would have noticed a great difference had the meat not been there at all due to the minimal amount of meat in the pie. Unsatisfying. If I were to guess how the gravy was made, I would say a cow was fed tofu throughout its life before being blended up and processed into a runny paste. The taste was fairly bland and unsatisfying, however the taste that was there was quite enjoyable. Not much of a kick to it, a little pepper mixed in would not have gone astray.

Click on map to take you to the Waacks' website.

Click on map to take you to the Waacks’ website.

Overall satisfaction: This pie filled a hole for lunch, and that’s about it really. It certainly isn’t a ‘bad’ pie, but definitely nothing special. Some larger chunks of meat were definitely missing which was the biggest disappointment, however the mushrooms and combined taste was quite respectable. The pie itself cost $4.60, and sauce was an extra 30c, pushing the total cost up to $4.90. I don’t feel that this is unreasonable for a pie of decent quality, however I share Malekei‘s view that customers should never be charged extra for sauce. So although 30c may seem like a minimal amount I was disappointed that once again something as simple as a little dollop of sauce cost anything extra at all. Nearing $5 for one of these pies with sauce I feel it needed to have something special to make it worth the cost and unfortunately there just wasn’t anything that made this pie stand out from other similar pies. As I mentioned above I would not call this a bad pie, but I feel that a cost much closer to $4 (with sauce of course) would have been much more reasonable.

Horsham Waacks Bakery Steak and Mushroom Pie –

Grading: E

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