Coles Smart Buy Meat Pie: Smackdown

Welcome back. In our last installments of piesaregoodforyou we have gone on a journey through the Otway rain forest, sampled the local bakeries, and then traveled to Horsham and Echuca for other pie-related investigations.  For now I’ll take the opportunity to review one of the last pies in a range of supermarket-chain budget pies. To keep these reviews fair budget pies can be defined as: $1 or less per pie. So how does the Coles brand Smart Buy pies rack up against other makes of budget pies?


Cost: $3.39 per 6-pack (or, 56 cents a pie!).

Pastry: an odd specimen. The lid looks like it has been pressed with a hot iron and the sides look like buffeted ivory. Its thickness is remarkably thin, like a wafer. Its texture, moreover, is the most peculiar thing about this pie: it breaks in the teeth like a water cracker, and has no soft inside. Odd.


Meat: I was expecting the usual pebble meat that comes stuffed in these cheap pastries. However, each meat grain was quite larger than the usual soggy lumplettes that wade in typically viscid gravy. I think that these pies have sacrificed pastry thickness to allow for more meat. This I approve of, because the meat to pastry ratio is quite high for a budget pie. The gravy is medium-bodied and vaguely tastes like stock. The meat itself consists of some mysteriously-textures tidbits, but don’t mind that, it makes the pie quite interesting. Slight pepper undertones and perhaps a little onion spice this mix.

Overall Satisfaction: I oven-baked this pie, which is

20130326_150717the appropriate thing to do. I was surprised that it came apart easily without spilling everywhere, I think this is owed to the crispy thin pastry. It’s size is small; the typical size of what some brands have started calling ‘snack’ sized. However, there was plenty of meat in its small package. All things considered (including the impressive cost to satisfaction ratio), I was highly satisfied by this pie. However, you may want to eat it with something else (like another pie) if you plan on feeling full.

Grading: B

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