Elmsbury Chicken and Vegetable Pie

Here I am, reviewing another pie. This time, it is Emsbury’s Chicken and Vegetable Pie. piesaregoodforyou tries out a friend of the beef variety.  Cost: budget pies at $4 per 4-pack. Pastry: tasty puff pastry lid (it is worth mentioning that this is proper puff pastry and not the usual ironed-on faux-puff pastry we find on other budget … Continue reading

Herbert Adams Chunky Pepper Steak Pie

After reviewing all of the usual supermarkets’ cheapest pies, here is a review of a popular up-market pastry-meat variety: introducing … Herbert Adams Chunky Pepper Steak Pie. Cost: Approx $5.50 per 2-pack ($2.75 per pie) Pastry: like a bread wafer; more spongy than other wafer-like pastry-shells. Puff pastry on top of a baby-white pastry-bulge. A … Continue reading

Piesaregoodforyou’s Award for Best Budget Pie goes to …

After months of hard (so very hard) work, here is a useful comparison sheet for supermarket-bought pies that fit within the ‘budget’ category, of no pie over $1. The piesaregoodforyou Award for Best Budget Pie goes to: *drum role* Coles Smart Buy Pies! Coles Smart Buy pies 56c per pie B ColesChunky Beef pies $1 … Continue reading

Aldi | Elmsbury Premium Pies | The Last Of The Cheapest

Here it is, folks! The last of the budget pies. How does Aldi’s Elmsbury Premium Pie match up against the other competitors in the budget pie ($1 or less per pie) market? Let’s See. Cost: $3.99 per 6-pack. Pastry: thick and biscuity. There is nothing special about this pastry; it is a little sweet and generally quite bland. … Continue reading

Aldi | Elmsbury Meat Pie | A Review

According to the internet, Aldi supermarket has received some pretty high praise lately for their Elmsbury meat pies. They fared better than other supermarket pies (i.e., Coles Smart Buy pies & Woolworth‘s brand pies) in a relatively limited survey conducted by the Federal Government’s National Measurement Institute, commissioned by the less-than-reliable Today Tonight show. It made perfect … Continue reading

Not Pie: The Pastie

In a previous review I received a message from a fellow blogger, asking me to classify whether or not a pastie is a pie. It is not; pastie is pastie. Pasties have rounded, thicker shell-like pastry, and contain a stomach of mixed vegetables and grey mystery meat. There isn’t any gravy either. From hence forth … Continue reading