Aldi | Elmsbury Premium Pies | The Last Of The Cheapest

20130406_160813Here it is, folks! The last of the budget pies. How does Aldi’s Elmsbury Premium Pie match up against the other competitors in the budget pie ($1 or less per pie) market? Let’s See.


Cost: $3.99 per 6-pack.

Pastry: thick and biscuity. There is nothing special about this pastry; it is a little sweet and generally quite bland.

Meat: absolutely boring. There is nothing in this meat that could distinguish it as ‘premium’ at all. In fact, the ‘premium’ advertising is a complete lie. The pebble mystery meat is mushed in a tasteless gravy, and resembles all the usual consistency of other ‘traditional’ budget pies. Dull.

Overall Satisfaction: less than satisfied. The size of the pie is about half as thick as the picture on the packet, and only slightly wider than Elmsbury’s cheapest pie range (see here), due to the thicker pastry. I doubt if the meat content is any different from the cheaper pies; however, there is a little less gravy. Considering the cost of these pies (cheap, but more than the cheapest pies) and the value … if given the choice I’d go with the Coles cheap pies (for the same price). Average.

Grading: D

5 Responses to “Aldi | Elmsbury Premium Pies | The Last Of The Cheapest”
  1. D.B. says:

    Had our first, and last , Elmsbury Premium Beef Pies today. All but 1 piece of meat lumps was LIVER, now I always thought that liver was OFFAL, not Premium Beef !

  2. Mark says:

    The reason I am reading this article is to research if I am the only person with a regurgitating sickening feeling in my stomach as I type my comment. I really struggled to force down the last mouthful with out returning it all back to the packet it came from. The remaining 5 pies from the pack are currently poisoning all the good rubbish I have in my bin so I must apologise to the homeless who are unfortunate enough to go through my bin. After more than 50 years of complaining about pies having lost there way here is living proof of how low a product can be and still legally allowed to be retailed to the public. A sad and sorry day for the nation who grew up on a great tradition to see it reach the standard of killing garbage in my bin, I apologize to last nights left overs for what I have just done to you.

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