Piesaregoodforyou’s Award for Best Budget Pie goes to …

After months of hard (so very hard) work, here is a useful comparison sheet for supermarket-bought pies that fit within the ‘budget’ category, of no pie over $1. The piesaregoodforyou Award for Best Budget Pie goes to: *drum role*

Coles Smart Buy Pies!

imagesColes Smart Buy pies

56c per pie


imagesColesChunky Beef pies

$1 per pie


Black and Gold pies 66c per pie


Elmsbury meat pies 56c per pie


Elmsbury Premium pies 66c per pie


Scott’s pies 92c per pie


Woolworths Homebrand pies 62c per pie


Snowy River pies 92c per pie


3 Responses to “Piesaregoodforyou’s Award for Best Budget Pie goes to …”
  1. Excellent pie reviews. And from my own experience, I agree.

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  1. […] pies, like Coles Chunky Beef pies (which was recently awarded piesaregoodforyou’s Best Budget Pie Award). It is stronger tasting than lesser […]

  2. […] and boring, boring shit. This pie packs a little extra stuffing than most pies in the budget range; however, it consists of the same bland-tasting pebble meat which fill other, much cheaper brands. […]

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