Sargents Extra Special WAGYU pie: Not That Special

The following is a review of another premium supermarket-bought pie: Sargents Extra Special Wagyu pie. Now, wagyu beef appears to have become a name known in most households, and is known for being expensive and quite tasty. Personally, I think the wagyu beef trend is a fad. The moment fast food shops start selling wagyu burgers the gig will be over … wait. 20130503_151045

Cost: $5.50 for 2 ($2.75 per pie).

Pastry: thick! Holy cow is it thick. Once removed from the oven it smells like baked bread, and for this reason it reminds one of the ‘good old days’ (when I suppose children played under golden sunshine, milk came in glass bottles and old people hit random kids on the street for no apparent reason). But seriously, this pastry is too thick. Instead of breaking apart nicely it chips, crumbles and shatters. It is also very dry. This is what I would consider traditionalist pastry-work. 20130503_155034

Meat: the best adjective I could think of to describe this meat-mush is ‘buttery’. Buttery is more or less a diversion from any appropriate meat-taste, and conflicts the tastebuds.  I don’t like it. The texture is worth mentioning, because it is quite different from the normal beef pie. It is velvety, slippery and maybe a little silky.

Overall Satisfaction: this pie is odd, really odd. It isn’t very big at all for what you might expect for a ‘premium’ pie, and the pastry to meat ratio is poor. I understand that the pie-makers might want to skimp on meat-filling to save money (wagyu is expensive). But, I don’t get the hype about this particular type of beef (I’m sure it is nice as a steak), and I don’t think this pie boasts anything special in taste, size or texture.

Grading: C

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