Sargents Extra Special Slow Cooked Angus Beef & Vegetable Pie

Previously I reviewed Sargents’ ‘extra special’ Wagyu pie (it wasn’t that special), and this review is of another extra special pie from Sargents: the Extra Special Slow Cooked Angus Beef & Vegetable Pie. So just how special is it?20130521_171038

Cost: approx $5.50 per 2.

Pastry: delicious, actually. This is proper old-fashioned thick pastry with a flaky puff-pastry lid; just like the ones your mother should have made for you. I usually find Sargents’ thick biscuit-like pastry a little too thick, and distracts the eater from the essential meat-filling. In this case, the home style pastry works well and smells like fresh hot bread. Tasty. 20130521_171052

Meat: this I’m not sure about. This meat-gravy is more like a bland stew than a tasty meat-gravy. To be fair, there are noticeable chunks of potato and carrot (and a few beans), but the meat itself is not rich like you would expect from the hyped-up Angus beef selling feature. The meat-gravy is quite tasteless really, and really could do with some salt or pepper. Not awful, just not great.20130521_171156

Overall Satisfaction: overall this pie was quite humble, old-fashioned and bulky (it is a good-sized pie). However, despite the good pastry, the meat-gravy was quite bland.

Grading: C


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