20130527_153706I have put this one off, and now I think the time has come … to review Four’n Twenty‘s overwhelmingly popular meat pie; perhaps the most iconic Australian pie EVER. Due to an annoying yet lingering disdain for Four’n Twenty products that I developed early on my journey to pie-enlightenment I avoided this Australian favourite. To my Australian readers, I’m sure you can all remember the ocka beer-bellied, footy-lovin` ute-driving ‘typical Aussie blokes’ who fronted many of Four’n Twenty’s advertisements over the years. I feel that Four’n Twenty are at least partly to blame for the glorification of boganism, poor grammar and testosterone fueled, vacant-brained ute-guys. Nevertheless, I am willing to ignore my predisposed dislike of the brand to review and grade what really matters: the pie. And so, without further ado, the dreaded review.

Cost: approximately $2.50 per pie (bought from the supermarket).

Pastry: it’s okay. There is nothing special about the pastry; it is almost identical to the cheaper ‘no frills’ pie-pastry. This baby-white pastry bulge is shell-thin and has a mild floury taste (woo-hoo!). The lid, exactly like much cheaper models, is stamped on and browns-up in the oven, a noticeable contrast with the floury-white of the outer pastry-packet. Dull and boring.

Meat: shit and boring, boring shit. This pie packs a little extra stuffing than most pies in the budget range; however, it consists of the same bland-tasting pebble meat which fill other, much cheaper brands. I could taste oil and salt, and that’s all. 20130527_153801

Overall Satisfaction: perhaps for good reason Four’n Twenty‘s meat pie has remained the icon of Australian pies. However, I believe that this pie is a poor example of pie-making and substitutes taste with costliness. For a slightly nicer alternative, I prefer Coles’ Smart Buy pies, which make it to your plate for less than a third of the price. The Four’n Twenty pie is favoured by many people, but in this pie-lover’s opinion: it sucks. It is dull, salty, oily and overpriced due to the brand’s hype. Give it a miss.

Grading: D

  1. AgentGerko says:

    I think the Four N’ Twenty is iconic in Victoria. It was unheard of when I grew up in Sydney through the 60’s, 70’s and onwards. Scotts was the go-to pie in NSW schools and Big Ben was the fancy shop bought pie.

    • malekei says:

      You are right about Four N’Twenty being iconic in Victoria. Thanks for sharing a bit of the history about pies in the NSW – a culture of pies, as it were. Cheers

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