So, what are the best pies out there?

SAMSUNGIn the nine months I have been posting reviews on this blog I have been lucky enough to chow down on some pretty damn tasty pies. I commonly get asked what my favourite pie is, or what some of them might be. The following are the pies that have all scored a B+ or above (I am a hard marker), and I believe that they are all deserving of being called ‘the pick of the bunch’. They have earned their spots at the top of the list because they all boast a high degree of overall satisfaction (flavour, cost and all things considered). And here they are, piesaregoodforyou‘s favourite pies.

Red Wine & Beef Pie, Flute Bakery 8 Barrier St  Fyshwick ACT

The first review I posted on this blog, and one of the only reviews without a picture. This pie left a delicious lingering taste that seduced me into wanting more. The first of only two pies to ever receive an A grading on piesaregoodforyou.

Signature Steak Pie, Beefy’s, 98-102 River Rd ( Bruce Hwy) Gympie Qld

This pie has won more awards than any other pie in Australia (from as far as my research tells me), and I had to try it on my last visit to Queensland. It did not disappoint; this pie was enormous and was packed with boulders of rich beef. To date this pie remains only the second pie to receive a perfect A grading. Check out Beefy’s next time you are in Queensland.

Steak and Vegetable Pie, Big Dad’s Pies, 295 Oxley Ave Margate QLD

The other well-known bakery (or more specifically: pie shop) in Queensland that I took the opportunity to visit. This one received a high B+ grading for its rather simple approach to pie-making. Moderate chunks of beef in a sizzling herb oil gravy. Tasty.

Lamb and Mint Pie, Piehouse, 188 Hare St  Echuca VIC

This pie received a high grading of B+ from piesaregoodforyou’s first contributor, Boof Nielson.

Black Angus Beef Pie, [Boscastle Pies] Yatzies Cafe, 4 – 6 Great Ocean Road Lavers Hill VIC

I discovered this fantastic pie on my last trip to the Otways, and damn was it good! This pie packed some serious chunk. A well deserved B+ for this one, made by Boscastle Pies, and warmed to perfection at Yatzies Cafe. 


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