Routleys Bakery | Grovedale | Chunky Beef and Burgundy Pie

Routleys Grovedale

148 Torquay Road
Grovedale VIC

Today for breakfast (about one in the afternoon) I ate a pie from the Routleys Bakery that has recently opened in Grovedale. I admit I have tried Routleys pies before, but never had I bought one of their pies from one of their many bakeries. I recently tried a Routleys plain pie at a roadside cafe in Meredith (whilst on another private project: looking for Victoria’s best burger), and I was curious to see if there would be a difference in price. I noticed that a Routleys’ plain pie will cost you $4.20 at a Routleys Bakery; however, if you buy one at a roadside cafe in Meredith you only pay $3.30 … what’s the deal Routleys? Anyway, I bought the last Chunky Beef and Burgundy Pie on the rack, and was excited to give`tago.


Cost: $5.00 sauce is provided for free; good work Routleys! Either that or I stole sauce …

Pastry: difficult to describe; although the pastry did have a distinct taste, which cannot be said for many other pie-pastries. I was sort of expecting a mass-produced baby-white pastry that tastes somewhat like a floury shortbread, instead I munched down into the pie’s peppered belly and discovered a savory, wheaty pastry with perfect crispiness. Something special here.


Meat: goddamn; perhaps not the BEST beef and burgundy pie I have ever had, but it is certainly close. Usually all beef and burgundy pies (beef and red wine, and mushrooms in this case) are awful. Usually they taste like old cheap wine and have an unsightly grey meat-mash look. Routleys, on the other hand, have almost mastered the recipe. Large chunks of tasty beef and mushroom struggle for room in a thick, slightly gelatinous onion gravy, with that perfect spice of a mid-bodied red wine (merlot, perhaps?). This is a job well done. I’m honestly not sure what could be done to improve this pie.

Overall Satisfaction: extremely high. This pie was the first surprise I have had in a long while; not since my visit to Beefy’s pies in Queensland. Someone give Routleys a pat on the back.

Grading: A


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