Contributor Review | Sean Marsh | Norlane’s Old Style Bakery

sean marshThe following review is from Sean Marsh; a top bloke with a solid foundation in pie wisdom. 

Welcome to the Chunky Steak pie from Norlane’s own Old Style Bakery.

You can rest assured that any pie emblazoned with the Star of David has the blessing of our Vengeful Lord stamped upon its delicious crust, and that is the guarantee that Forster Street’s Old Style Bakery gives to its chunky steak pie, righteously so.

old style bakery norlane

As soon as you break open this glorious beast it releases a strong aroma belying the deep brown richness of its gravy. It’s pleasant and comforting, especially in these Winter months.

The first bite assures you that you have made a wise decision, the gravy is rich and meaty and the chunks are as chunky as you dared hope they might be. None of this thick mince labelled as ‘chunks’ for the Old Style Bakery, there is nothing but slow-cooked blocks of tender meat for this pie. It’s the way Yahweh himself intended pies to be baked.

Sean pie

Okay, fair enough there are pockets of the pie where the thick gravy dominates but that is only due to the fact that meaty chunks have congregated in an as-yet unexplored region of this portable pleasure leading to future moments of pleasant shock as you look into your hand and realise that now you are holding just chunks of meat and a little gravy surrounded with pastry. It’s a position that all true pie-lovers appreciate being put in.

Now the purchasing of these pies is the difference between the Old-Style Bakery and other bakeries you may be used to. For instance, demand is high so you will rarely find the stock you need in the pie warmer. Fortunately for you the business is semi-wholesale so you can buy your individual pie or six of the holy artifacts cold for $20.50 which makes them $3.40 each and an absolute bargain for the quality of product you are getting.

What do you do with them from there? Fair question, you could do what I do at 4am after coming from work: Microwave each pie for about 1min15secs to give the pastry that steamy Vietnamese meat bun kind of softness.

Or you could be a conscientious pie eater, nuke them for 50secs and bake them in a hot oven for 4mins or until the pastry is nice and golden.

Grading: B+


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