Sargents Traditional Style Beef & Cheese Pie | Review

20130708_152534Cost: unknown (store bought)

Pastry: so thick you could nearly break a tooth. Seriously, the lid alone is approximately  five layers of sultry puff pastry. Together these layers give this pie a wicked crunch, but in turn reduces the meat content due to its ridiculous thickness.

Meat: have you ever partaken in Pizza Hut’s ‘All you can eat’ menu? If you have, then you have certainly tried their version of the classic bolognese sauce, that goes well with their childishly twisty pasta spirals (try saying that bit real quick over and over). This pie’s porridge-y meat-guts  taste exactly like that sauce. Perhaps with a sprinkling of the dusty cheese you get with your pasta, also at Pizza Hut. It is not awful, and has some funky meat bits of various complexions, but is at least a bit tasty. Problem is though, there isn’t enough of it. 20130708_152607

Overall Satisfaction: the pastry thickness turns me off this pie. However, pie-lovers who are crust-inclined might enjoy the packet of crunch on this gooey meat-cheese parcel. Overall, it is tasty, but again, there’s not enough meat for such a sizable pie.

Grading: C+


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