Award-Winning Tatura Hot Bread|Chicken, Cranberry & Brie Pie Review

bible beltRecently I was driving through Victoria’s bible-belt and found myself in the buckle: Tatura. Walking into Tatura’s Hot Bread bakery (130 Hogan street) you will notice that the shelves are creaking under the weight of all the awards they have won over the years (I assume they enter every national competition in existence). They are most famous for their delicious vanilla slice, which for some unknown reason has had chocolate and cream added to the traditional recipe (ruining the tradition in a single foul sweep of cookery). I sat down to try a very unusual Chicken, Cranberry & Brie Pie, unknowing at the time that this pie had won the bakery four silver and one gold award since 2008 in The Great Aussie Pie Competition Fortunately, I got to try this one for myself.IMAG0060

Cost: can’t remember.

Pastry: sweet and biscuity. A crispy crunch, but a little burnt. Nothing out of the ordinary with this one. There were some sesame seeds plopped on top for special effects.

Meat: very unusual indeed. Chicken cubes (real chicken, which is nice) splashed about in a small pool of velvety cranberry jam and ambiguous creamy stuff (the cheese, I assume). Too sweet for my liking, but overall this pie had an enjoyable, if not confusing, texture and taste. Not incredible, just nice.IMAG0064_BURST002_COVER

Overall Satisfactionit was nice; quite small, but nice. I do think it is a little too sweet for a meat pie, but other more adventurous pie enthusiasts may enjoy this pie.

Grading: B+

Note: I did sample three other of the bakery’s more traditional type meat pies and was unimpressed. But, seeing as how I have not given them their fair reviews here, go try them yourself and submit a review to piesaregoodforyou.


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