Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse | Waurn Ponds | Lamb & Rosemary Pie

Where: Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse, Waurn Ponds Plaza, Victoria

Cost: approximately $5 something


Pastry: thick! lord, it’s thick. It has a whopper of a crunch, sort of like a crispy old cracker. A tad bit floury, with no unusual flavour characteristics.

Meat: this pie delivered a new level of bland. Usually lamb & rosemary pies always turn out to be my favourites, but in this instance the simple recipe of good ol` lamb and rosemary appears to have been switched with a gloopy, somewhat tomato-y alternative. The guts of this pie remind me of old people food; you know, the type that has no flavour because the old folks can’t taste anyway. There were pees and bits of carrot and all sorts of other goodies in this pie, however they seem to have forgotten the rosemary, pepper and salt. Not tasty, not cheds.


Overall Satisfaction: nah.

Grading: D


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