Contributor Review | KFC ZINGER PIE!

996619_10153306351945713_283902369_nWritten by Boof Nielson

Cost: $3.95

Wrapped in a paper bag, and cradled in a little tin, is the KFC Zinger Pie. I’m not usually a fan of chicken pies, as I find them too bland when compared to their beefy cousins. This, combined with the nagging feeling that this thing in my lap can only be good as good as its novelty value, started me off with low expectations; though, they were happily exceeded. A satisfying combination of Australian and American cuisine. This pie left me thinking that I might just go get another one.

The pastry is thick and tastes slightly of biscuit, without being brittle. I was afraid it would snap and spill chicken all over my lap, but it is moist and soft. It does its job perfectly; containing what lies within. Inside this unassuming pie lies chunks of succulent chicken, swimming in a creamy, spicy gravy. I’m not sure exactly what was in this gravy, but it was good. Not great, but pretty good. I was instantly impressed that the gravy is actually spicy. Usually anything marketed by fast food joints as ‘spicy’ is decidedly not.

Note from The Pie Guy: having worked at KFC in the past I instantly recognized the zinger meat (tinged orange) in what appears to be standard chicken gravy.

Overall Satisfaction:  Medium-high. While it won’t leave you feeling content and sleepy, it is a nice surprise to find something different in the pie world; let alone one that doesn’t just ride on its novelty value.

Grading: B+


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