Balfours Red Thai Chicken Pie Review

20131018_152450Cost: $5 + per 2-pack

Pastry: the pastry has a satisfactory crunch; not too brittle and not too floury. It has a warm savory taste. Very nice.

Meat: this pie has given me a new level of appreciation for well-made chicken pies. This pie is filled to the brim with real shredded chicken, spiced with authentic-tasting red Thai sauce. The fact that this pie is loaded with real chunks of soft chicken is really something to be mentioned. Almost all chicken pies either have processed chicken, or what looks and tastes like moldy cardboard. This pie is an exception to the wide range of fucking terrible chicken pies. I’m serious, chicken pies usually suck really bad. I recommend Balfours Red Thai Chicken pie to anyone who has lost faith in chicken pies. There is hope. 20131018_152528

Overall Satisfaction: brilliant, really. The pie is big, filled with delicious chicken and delivers what it advertises. This pie tastes like it should have come from a quaint little bakery in the trendy end of town. However, you can get these from the supermarket. Give it a shot.

Grading: A


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