On the Hunt for the Holy Grail of Pie

Hi, call me the pie guy. I believe that the meat pie is an essential part of Australian culture, and that the humble pie has been taken for granted over time. My intention is to find the best pie available (store bought, and elsewhere), so that this research may help other pie enthusiasts on their culinary adventures.

Wish me well, Pie Lovers. Wish me well.

13 Responses to “On the Hunt for the Holy Grail of Pie”
  1. bonaru says:

    Great idea. I hope you expose the potato pie swindlers who sell ‘beef and potato’ pies which are 99% potato! 😉

  2. Colleen says:

    I like the ones in the Sydney airport that have the smiley faces on them (Pie Face).

    • malekei says:

      Is a pastie like a pie? They are both pastry-covered stuffing, and savory. I will have to philosophize some more, and get back to you about this dilemma.

  3. trav says:

    love the blog best pies ive had is gaffneys bakery in heathcote; the pepper steak is sensational and has won a gold medal for it at the aussie pie comp and the huntly hot bake chicken cheese and mustard pies are great should check them out

  4. john zande says:

    Holy crap! You were talking about these pies! I’m Australian but living in Brazil. No pies here. No pies here. No pies here!!! 😦

    • Barry Simpson. says:

      Hi John, I am an Aussie living in Denver in Colorado. I would give my right arm to munch down on a “GOOD” Aussie Pie. I go back to Australia now and then, and don’t get out of the Airport without a good Aussie Pie in my hand. Barry.

  5. Barry Simpson. says:

    There has to be a place here in the US that imports 4 n 20’s. There is a place in California that says it makes Aussie Pies. Well I am here to tell you that they wouldn’t know an Aussie Pie if they got hit in the eye with one. There has to be some company that imports them. I am going to do some research. Barry Simpson.

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