Coles Smart Buy Meat Pie: Smackdown

Welcome back. In our last installments of piesaregoodforyou we have gone on a journey through the Otway rain forest, sampled the local bakeries, and then traveled to Horsham and Echuca for other pie-related investigations.  For now I’ll take the opportunity to review one of the last pies in a range of supermarket-chain budget pies. To keep these … Continue reading

Coles Chunky Beef Pie: a Review

Black & Gold, Balfours and Woolworths are the three branded budget pies I have since reviewed. It is now Coles’ turn to be judged. As part of my birthday gifts I received a four pack of Coles brand Chunky Beef Pies (how did they know?).  I microwaved this pastry treat, and I understand that oven-cooked is usually … Continue reading