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So you have taken a look at the reviews on this site and you think to yourself, ‘you know what, I think I could write a review’. For the benefit of meat pie enthusiasts out there I commend anyone who takes the time to contribute to piesaregoodforyou, and invite you to read the following basic requirements for a review.


Rule #1 

The review must be about a pie, specifically. Details of where it can be bought are also useful.

Rule #2

Try to keep the review concise and focused on the pie. Categories that need to be addressed include: Pastry, Meat and Overall Satisfaction.

Rule #3

Give the pie a rating out of ten and I will convert the score to its appropriate grading, or, alternatively, grade the pie yourself after having a quick look here. Also, try and include a picture of the pie, and a picture of its insides.

Rule #4

include a picture of some sorts for your profile on the contributors page, as well as a short bio (i.e., tell us how you’r first meat pie experience) and if you wish, a link to your blog or page. It’s okay to take pictures of your food, so long as it’s pie.

Rule #5

Have fun doing it!

Email all review submissions t0:

piesaregoodforyou goals

1. Hit 1000 views

2. Hit 5000 views

3. Review each store-bought brand of budget pie that can be bought in Australia

4. Review pies from each state and territory of Australia

5. Have at least five contributors to piesaregoodforyou

6. Have a recipe page where people can post their pie recipes

7. Transform piesaregoodforyou into a .com website

8. Take over the world.

Contribute to piesaregoodforyou to make these goals a reality.

4 Responses to “Submit A Review”
  1. Barbara says:

    Just had the ELMSBURY Chicken and Vegetable pie.

    Well tasteless would have to be the predominant word…… the pastry was dry and lacked any flavour……and if a chicken was introduced to the pastry, that would have been as close at it got. Very disappointed, I suppose the old adage “you get what you pay for” applies here, but then if that is the case, then I should have paid nothing!!

  2. wendy says:

    Hi, I bought 12 small Party Quiches at Aldi and there was only 10 in the box. Elmsbury brand. This is not good for the customer, being taken for a ride, this has made me doubtful of what a box says it has in it and the real true answer. So watch out and count in the future.

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