Balfours Red Thai Chicken Pie Review

Cost: $5 + per 2-pack Pastry: the pastry has a satisfactory crunch; not too brittle and not too floury. It has a warm savory taste. Very nice. Meat: this pie has given me a new level of appreciation for well-made chicken pies. This pie is filled to the brim with real shredded chicken, spiced with authentic-tasting red Thai … Continue reading

Contributor Review | KFC ZINGER PIE!

Written by Boof Nielson Cost: $3.95 Wrapped in a paper bag, and cradled in a little tin, is the KFC Zinger Pie. I’m not usually a fan of chicken pies, as I find them too bland when compared to their beefy cousins. This, combined with the nagging feeling that this thing in my lap can … Continue reading


I have put this one off, and now I think the time has come … to review Four’n Twenty‘s overwhelmingly popular meat pie; perhaps the most iconic Australian pie EVER. Due to an annoying yet lingering disdain for Four’n Twenty products that I developed early on my journey to pie-enlightenment I avoided this Australian favourite. … Continue reading

Sargents Extra Special Slow Cooked Angus Beef & Vegetable Pie

Previously I reviewed Sargents’ ‘extra special’ Wagyu pie (it wasn’t that special), and this review is of another extra special pie from Sargents: the Extra Special Slow Cooked Angus Beef & Vegetable Pie. So just how special is it? Cost: approx $5.50 per 2. Pastry: delicious, actually. This is proper old-fashioned thick pastry with a flaky puff-pastry lid; just like … Continue reading

Herbert Adams Chunky Pepper Steak Pie

After reviewing all of the usual supermarkets’ cheapest pies, here is a review of a popular up-market pastry-meat variety: introducing … Herbert Adams Chunky Pepper Steak Pie. Cost: Approx $5.50 per 2-pack ($2.75 per pie) Pastry: like a bread wafer; more spongy than other wafer-like pastry-shells. Puff pastry on top of a baby-white pastry-bulge. A … Continue reading

Aldi | Elmsbury Meat Pie | A Review

According to the internet, Aldi supermarket has received some pretty high praise lately for their Elmsbury meat pies. They fared better than other supermarket pies (i.e., Coles Smart Buy pies & Woolworth‘s brand pies) in a relatively limited survey conducted by the Federal Government’s National Measurement Institute, commissioned by the less-than-reliable Today Tonight show. It made perfect … Continue reading

Coles Smart Buy Meat Pie: Smackdown

Welcome back. In our last installments of piesaregoodforyou we have gone on a journey through the Otway rain forest, sampled the local bakeries, and then traveled to Horsham and Echuca for other pie-related investigations.  For now I’ll take the opportunity to review one of the last pies in a range of supermarket-chain budget pies. To keep these … Continue reading

Sargents Aussie Angus Beef & Onion Pie

Sargents pies is an iconic Australian brand of factory-produced meat pies, which grew from a small bakery that opened in Sydney 1893. History folks, it’s important. My father, who believes in his son’s mission bought me a four pack of Sargents Aussie Angus Beef & Onion Pies, to help the cause and to show his support. The … Continue reading

Scott’s Pies

I bought a 6 pack of Scott’s Pies from Safeway. I do not usually buy food from Safeway, so I thought this would be an opportunity to stray from my usual purchase of Cole’s chunky pies and review another type of bottom-shelf pie. I have eaten a lot of pies lately, so I may need … Continue reading