BIG DAD’S PIES: Peppered Steak and Vegetable Pie Review

BIG DAD’S PIES – Margate While I have been visiting in Queensland I have made it my mission to review two of the most well-known pie shops in the festival state. BEEFY’S (award winning bakery) was first, and now it is time for BIG DAD’S Pies to meet my judgment. So, I waltzed on down … Continue reading

Woolworths Homebrand Pies: A Disaster

So here I am reviewing another brand of budget pies. Balfours and Black & Gold have had their turn, so now I turn to Woolworths to see how well they hold up in the pastry department. This particular 6pack of meat-garbage can be found at the bottom of the freezer in the chilled aisle at … Continue reading

BEEFY’S Gympy – Award Winning Signature Steak Pie: A Review

If you live in Queensland, or have happened to talk about pies to the locals you may have heard the word ‘BEEFY’S‘ before. If not, you have now. This year BEEFY’S (the font needs to be as bold as the pies) Pies won three gold awards, for best meat pie (BEEFY’S Signature Steak Pie), best … Continue reading

Zen Bakery, Geelong: Pie Review

Zen Bakery is a little bakery on High Street, Geelong. I used to frequent this cafe, and, after having not visited it in quite some time I decided it was time to pass judgment on a Zen Bakery pie. I bought a plain pie and hoped that it was anything but plain. The pastry-shell looked … Continue reading

Balfours Chicken & Vegetable Pie

The chicken & vegetable pie is a fickle brother of the beef version, and the path to discovering a decent one is difficult. I believe that the chicken & vegetable pie is still in its developmental stages and will continue to improve with careful consideration and skill. Unfortunately the Balfours chicken & vegetable pie (a … Continue reading

Damn Good Pie @ the Flute Bakery, Fyshwick ACT

While visiting Canberra to see my brother win a short play festival my girlfriend was advised to go to the Flute Bakery in Fyshwick, because apparently they stock delicious sweets. I’m not into sweets. I prefer meat. I bought a chicken sandwich and she bought a red wine and beef pie. I tried eating my … Continue reading