I have put this one off, and now I think the time has come … to review Four’n Twenty‘s overwhelmingly popular meat pie; perhaps the most iconic Australian pie EVER. Due to an annoying yet lingering disdain for Four’n Twenty products that I developed early on my journey to pie-enlightenment I avoided this Australian favourite. … Continue reading

Not Pie

So this is what not eating a pie can look like. 0 out of 10.

BEEFY’S Gympy – Award Winning Signature Steak Pie: A Review

If you live in Queensland, or have happened to talk about pies to the locals you may have heard the word ‘BEEFY’S‘ before. If not, you have now. This year BEEFY’S (the font needs to be as bold as the pies) Pies won three gold awards, for best meat pie (BEEFY’S Signature Steak Pie), best … Continue reading

Zen Bakery, Geelong: Pie Review

Zen Bakery is a little bakery on High Street, Geelong. I used to frequent this cafe, and, after having not visited it in quite some time I decided it was time to pass judgment on a Zen Bakery pie. I bought a plain pie and hoped that it was anything but plain. The pastry-shell looked … Continue reading

Party Pies

What can be said of party pies? Is it their cute miniscule size or slightly mushroom-shaped pastry? Is it the meat that is always a little burnt under the lid or the curious bits of mystery meat which keep close to the pastry boarder? Is it the fact that they are always served too hot … Continue reading

Black & Gold Pie; a review

When I was groing up cheap store-bought pies were a staple food, and I thank them for my survival. I believe that all pies have value. Except for perhaps Four n` Twenty pies, which suck and are too expensive. I recently ate a Black & Gold pie, which arived to my house with five of … Continue reading

Damn Good Pie @ the Flute Bakery, Fyshwick ACT

While visiting Canberra to see my brother win a short play festival my girlfriend was advised to go to the Flute Bakery in Fyshwick, because apparently they stock delicious sweets. I’m not into sweets. I prefer meat. I bought a chicken sandwich and she bought a red wine and beef pie. I tried eating my … Continue reading